William Scott Galasso

William ScotScott Galassot Galasso an award-winning poet and resident whose work is internationally recognized. He is the author of thirteen books of poetry and has won numerous awards. His work has appeared in over 150 journals and magazines in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, China, Canada and the U.S. In March, 2008, he was a featured reader for the PoetsWest poetry series on KSER 90.7 FM in Everett, WA.

Scott published his first book, “Summer’s Early Light,” in 1973, and his thirteen publications include collections of poems, haiku/short poems, a CD, and anthologies: “Summer’s Early Light,” in 1973. “Phoenix (Songs of the Firebird),” in 1981. Emerald Rain” and “Cascadia,” (Haiku) in 1993. “Vermilion Falling,” (Haiku) in 1994. “Rainbow Music,” in 1995. “Cascade Cuneiform,” (in partnership with The Live Poets Society, our group Anthology). 1995. “Full Moon Serenade,” (Haiku/Short poems) in 2001.“ Blood (family) and Ink (Poems 1996-2003),” in 2003. “Odori, Blue,” in 2004. “Laughing Out Clouds,”  in 2007, PoetsWest CD- “A Poet for All Seasons,” (50 copies), in 2009. Sea, Mist and Sitka Spruce, (Poems 2007-2009). A collection of  (Haiku/Senryu/Tanka/Haibun/ Short Poems) in 2009. Collage (Selected and New Poems), in 2012.

This haiku is from Scott’s next book of poetry, “Silver Salmon Runes”, which will be published in March 2016.

Ice which held the stream
has become the stream
singing over stones

one breath
the distance between
I am and I was