About the Village Publishing Club

All events advertised on this site are limited to Laguna Woods residents and their guests.

Contact us at: contactus@villagepublishingclub.com

Membership is $20. Guests are $3 per meeting. To download a membership application form click here: vpc-membership-form


We have a varied agenda throughout the year, including

Guest speakers –  we invite a variety of speakers, to share their publishing and marketing experiences, wisdom, and resources.

Publishing PathsPublished Village authors share their publishing, and marketing experiences, offering members the opportunity to learn from others, avoid pitfalls, ask questions, and expand their horizons.

Annual storytelling event – At this sellout event, 50+ people enjoy a catered buffet while being regaled by wonderful story tellers.

Give the Gift of Reading book signing event – together with the Village Library, we hosted an annual book-signing event in November. Click here for details.

Taglines & Loglines
Come and share your tagline and logline in this constructive feedback session, or improve your own by listening to others.

Early Readers – If you would like a VPC member to read a pre-edited draft of your book and offer you constructive criticism, come to our next meeting and ask.

Networking – Meet and chat with fellow-publishers, share knowledge, swap resources, and spark ideas during our networking session.


Club Officers:

The President of the Board will preside over all general membership meetings.

The Vice-President will preside over general membership meeting in absence of the President.

The Treasurer will keep records of bank.accounts, dues, deposits, receipts, taxes.

The Secretary will record minutes of Board Meetings as well as general membership meetings.

2016 officers:

Peggy Edwards – President & Treasurer

Miranda McPhee – Vice President and Webmaster

Joan Clout-Kruse – Secretary


For election 2017:

President & Treasurer

Vice President & Webmaster