Peggy Edwards

Peggy EdwardsBorn bilingual to Americans in Mexico; I taught for over forty years  to university, college, adult education, high school, elementary and preschool students in Wisconsin, Texas and California.

I retired and published “Alfabeto Crossover Alfabet” : a link from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, using cognates- similar words in  languages- starting with A for angel / ángel.  Next I published “Lalalandia” – eight mystical, magical, bilingual stories about a country called Lalalandia where good wins, but evil is omnipresent.

The stories and illustrations  in both books are are mine, and Karmlalalandiaa, my cat, is in most of them!.

I am the Presidenta of the Village Publishing Club – a club that warms my heart by assisting in publishing and marketing  the stories and books of our fellow Village authors.

I feel we all have a lesson we want to teach, or a story to tell. It could be a poem, anecdote, photo, a video, music, a cartoon, a drawing or painting, a novella or a full-blown novel. We are our stories and publishing them is my mission and passion!

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    RE:Peggy Edwards – The Village Publishing Club Валок GregoireBesson Саратов

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    Who are your Gregoire?

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