Miranda McPhee


In 2013, I left the financial services industry after thirty years, and moved from New Jersey to Laguna Woods with my husband. Moving triggered a career change; I am now self-publishing a series of activity books for young globetrotters, called WiKIDly Awesome Travels, together with my very good friend, Suzanne Lifson who lives in San Francisco.

WiKIDly Awesome Travels – Paris was published in May 2015 and won a 2015 Family Choice Award.WiKIDly Awesome Travels – London was published in July 2015, and WiKIDly Awesome Travels – New York in April 2016.  I’ve lived for years in each of these three cities, and that makes writing about them a real pleasure and a wonderful trip down memory lane.


We self-publish using CreateSpace under our company name, Far and Beyond Books. Visit our website www.wikidly.com for a look inside the books, to read the reviews, and comment on our blogWiKIDly Awesome Fun - front covers. We are also active on Facebook.

I am also the primary author of WiKIDly Awesome Fun in Laguna Woods, an activity book for grand kids,the proceeds of which go to the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village. To see pages from inside the book, click here.

In April 2016, “WiKIDly Awesome” became a registered trademark for children’s activity books.

Contact me at miranda@wikidly.com

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