Michelle Cahill

MichelleAfter working with mice and ducks for forty years at Disneyland Resort, Michelle Cahill looked forward to a slow-paced retirement exploring the arts. She never expected the fantasy of Disney would collide with the reality of World War II and send her on an exciting journey.

In 2012, Michelle and her cousins found several hundred pages of letters Army flier uncles Tom and Jack wrote to their mother during the war. The cousins never knew these boys—both were killed on bombing missions in Europe a few weeks apart near the end of the war. Thfront cover-Cahille discovery of these letters, and hundreds of old photos found with them, was a head-spinner Michelle never could have imagined but eagerly welcomed. She followed a fascinating path to meet these charming new men in her life who were previously only silent portraits.

Michelle’s first book, DEAR MOM, A Family Finds Its Past in World War II Letters Home, unravels for her generation the obscurity of Tom and Jack. It is a time capsule of the 1940s—descriptive, touching and humorous—an entertaining respite from today’s hurried lives.

Lifelong native Californian Michelle lives in South Orange County. In addition to writing, she visits Disneyland often, volunteers at a local animal shelter and studies drawing and painting. When home, chatty Siamese cat Molly is usually in her lap, lying on her artwork or blocking the computer screen.

Contact the author: PleasantStreet75@gmail.com



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