Mark Rouillard

Mark RouillardBorn and raised in Littleton, Massachusetts, I moved to Southern California in the early 1980s after driving across the U.S. coast to coast 5 times contemplating which shore to call home, until Orange County California was pronounced the winner. Working as a mechanical design engineer has been a rewarding profession with several patents being awarded, mostly in the field of semi-conductor cleaning. Currently doing research and development work at a privately held company in the energy field is both fun and interesting.

Although it is said everyone has at least one book in them, I never dreamed of writing a book. A friend has a dog named JaWhack Whackck that I love who was the inspiration for this book. Always a happy dog his tail is constantly wagging furiously creating turmoil for anything and everything that is behind him. Long ago I began tell him, “whack, whack, whack, goes the tail”, usually as something was getting upended. When the inspiration was born I clearly envisioned a children’s picture book with that title, wrote the 357 words, and described each illustration in excessive detail, not realizing that isn’t what an illustrator desires for input. Nonetheless I held to my vision and used a company in N.Y. ( as a resource to illustrate, layout, and print the book.

Holding the first hardcover book in my hands in March 2017 achieved part of my first goal. Now seeing the book for sale on Amazon in both hardcover and eBook formats, and also on a website I created specifically for the book, has completed my first goal. I have two more goals for this book, perhaps someday soon I will share those with you!

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