Mark Levine

The Ins and Outs of Self-Publishing.

Mark Lindexevine is the author of best-seller The Fine Print, now it its fifth edition, and CEO of Hillcrest Media Group, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Hillcrest provides book publishing, marketing, printing and distribution services for authors and independent presses in the U.S. and UK. Hillcrest also licenses its publishing workflow technology software to other publishers. Mark was one of the founders of Click Industries, an online company that provides products and services for small business owners, writers, musicians, and other artists.  The company was sold in 2009.

The Fine Print is an outstanding book on self-publishing and recommended reading for anyone thinking of self-publishing. Peggy has a copy you can borrow.Book3

Mark’s talk covered:

  • The motivation you need to get your book from your computer to the book shelf
  • Various self-publishing options
  • How to market books on a limited budget

Mark also did a number of one-on-one consultations and had dinner with us.

Mark addressed the VPC in February 2015.