Harvey Greenhalgh

Harvey smiling Harvey Greenhalgh was born in Lancashire, England, and spent his career in the nursing profession. He is a State Registered Nurse (SRN) in England, a Registered Nurse (RN) in California, a BA, a MA-Cum Laude and has a PhD. After working in numerous Royal Air Force hospitals around the world, he settled in California in 1964. He has worked in LA County General Hospital/USC Med Center, and a wonderful variety of other Hospitals in LA & Orange Counties.

NEEDLE IN THE HEART: The House of Mad Eccentrics‘ was published in November 2014 by Xulon Press. Harvey says he wrote it “to share this period of my life with my grandchildren, & indeed with all the other members of my family and extended family. If I left my earthly life without having written this book, they would know nothing of the Grand Adventure I have had”.cover copy

NEEDLE IN THE HEART tells the story of Hospital Life and Nursing Care in England in mid 1950’s. Amidst very bizarre, eccentric, and almost mad Surgeons & Physicians, we Student Nurses learned the true ART of NURSING CARE. Teaching us too, were a group of Ward Sisters who were aggressive and demanding, and who noisily controlled our lives; but we learned the very essence of superior BEDSIDE NURSING CARE. Through these brilliant teachers we also came to understand the professionalism, the ideals of gentle compassion, and the classical Nursing Art developed carefully over long years of study with patience and love. The book is instructional, humorous, and occasionally causes a tear to be shed.

Visit Harvey’s webpage at www.lifesprofound.com for more on Harvey’s career and for information about his book.



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