Elaine Lombardi


My newest book Self-Publishing:Guide to Becoming a Published Author started as an eCourse, which is still available at my website at ElaineLombardi.com  

In both the eCourse and the book I teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of spending thousands of unnecessary getting your book published.


stepstoselfpublishingbookcoverWhether you want to self-publish a paperback novel, cookbook, self-help book, memoir, or a hardcover children’s picture book with full color illustrations, I show you how to do so  in the most cost effective ways possible, with step by step guidance, and illustration examples for how to create “print ready” files to submit a book to CreateSpace, an Amazon company, and IngramSpark, which are two of the biggest publishing services in the industry. Once published, your book can appear on Amazon.com with the “Look inside the book” feature, and be made available for distribution to bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble, as well as libraries. You will learn what an ISBN is, how to format the interior of a book, how to design a book cover, and so much more. This is a must read book for anyone wishing to learn how to self-publish a book.


I wrote my first book Hurricane Lucy: A Caregiver’s Guide in hopes that sharing my story of the trials and tribulations of caring for my handicapped, elderly mother would be of help to other caregivers, especially burnt-out caregivers. Becoming the caregiver for my mother was physically challenging and emotionally draining. In this book I share how I went from overwhelming stress to bringing joy back into my life and loving, compassionate relationships back into my home.

A sequel to this book (title to be announced) is in the works, which deals with grieving the loss of my ninety-two year-old-mother. This book will include interviews from other people who have experienced the loss of a loved one, and a comprehensive helpful guide regarding what to expect while going through the grieving process.


As a former Holistic Health Coach, I specialized in helping people reach their health goals in the areas of achieving optimal weight, reducing stress, creating balance, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy. I developed The H.E.A.L. Approach program, which stands for Healthy Eating Active Lifestyle. Now retired, my interest isPicture21 in sharing my knowledge and experience by writing a series of companion guidebooks from my H.E.A.L. approach program.

Guidebooks include: Self-Care Daily Routine

and Kick Your Sugar Cravings.


Big Teddy Bear: The New Arrivals is a children’s hardcover book about what Big Teddy Bear knows that the little tedPicture19dy bears need to discover about how special they are. The moral of the story is: it’s not what you look like on the outside; it’s the love you have within that counts. This book encourages self-love and acceptance, which fosters self-esteem.

My book, little lessons…BIG LIFE Journal is a collection of inspirational quotes, famous sayings, and little lessons I have learned throughout my life that I encourage you to write your heartfelt thoughts about as you journal your way to living a BIG LIFE. Included are planning pages to write down your daily routine, and sections throughout this book to explore your thoughts, journal your feelings, and define your values as you make it your personal dairy. As you journal your day keep track of events, record your adventures, and add memorable photos. Make a wish list, and set your goals to design your life by. It’s small enough to fit in a purse, and big enough to use all year long.

You may contact me at Elaine@ElaineLombardi.com