Douglas Westfall

Make History by Writing Your Memoir.

Douglas WestDouglas_Westfallfall is an author, publisher and teacher, and has published America’s history for a quarter of a century. He continually discovers unread manuscripts and unpublished photography relating to the great stories of America’s history, from which he creates his books. By publishing his own works, he maintains control over the quality and content of his publications. He brings these first-person accounts to the public through his lectures and books. These include fascinating, true-life experiences of Amelia Earhart, San Francisco’s Earthquake, the American Civil War, Custer’s Last Stand and World War II, releasing over 100 titles in 25 years. His lectures come from the books he creates through his company, The Paragon Agency, and his books are offered for sale on his website: and at book stores and shops across America.

Douglas has given presentations throughout the world. As an educator, he has taught from the fourth grade through community college levels, and offers historical presentations to grade schools for free. He has chaired the boards of libraries, history centers, colleges and the Southern California Library Co-operative. Actively involved in the curation of historic archives and photographic collections, he donates frequently to museums and archives in California.

Doug addressed the VPC in May 2015.