Do’s and Don’ts Before You Publish

Do research all avenues of publishing before you publish.
Do partner with VPC team members, come to meetings, and ask for help.
Do something every day to progress: research, study writing, write, publish or market.
Do write a “To Do” list, look at it every day to check things off and add to it.
Do read manuscripts written by other VPC team members to polish your writing skills.
Do format properly – formatting the pages is essential and can make or break you.
Do read masters on grammar, punctuation and good writing.
Do keep a Grammar book beside you when editing.
Do employ a credible editor.
Do have your VPC team members check your manuscript and read your story.
Do include the copyright and credits on the inside page.
Do include a back as well as front cover.
Do check your work when you’re fresh, not at the end of the day
Do order two proofs (galley) to make sure they’re the same and to re-check changes.
Do check your manuscript one last time, for timeline, facts, and spelling.
Do order only one copy of your book you’ve just published and re-check all aspects of it.
Do keep an account of all your expenses.

Don’t forget deadlines.
Don’t forget, someone has already asked the same questions as you. Use Google or ask the VPC.
Don’t pay for publishing until you have researched and compared.
Don’t sign a contract without an escape clause.
Don’t assume you can see your own mistakes.
Don’t publish without editing / checking manuscript by family, friends, and a professional. You should be the last to read and edit- twice (check corrections very carefully!).
Don’t keep re-writing or you will never publish. At some point, put your manuscript down for a couple of days and then come back to it.
Don’t expect your children to write your story.
Don’t ever give up.


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